Wednesday 9/25

We got some fish oils in stock for those of you who take them! (all of you should unless you’re allergic to fish!) They are from Strong Faster Healthier. You can read up on them here: . I have 1 lemon and 4 mint ones left! Normally these are $59.99+ shipping. I’m selling them for $45 and its a 2 month supply! Great deal, let me know!!


TEST: Turkish Get-ups
10 minutes to find Max weight with a barbell for both arms

SKILL: Muscle Up/Pull Up (15 minutes)
LEVEL 2 – Practice Strict (can try a band), then, 3xME Kipping
LEVEL 1 – Kipping Pull Ups or kipping Chest to Bar. If they have KipC2B have them hit a few sets of 3-6. If they can’t do pull ups have them do 4×7 in bands.

METCON: “Walk the Plank Yee Skallywag”
CASH IN: 3 minutes of Plank
10 Burpees
10 V-Ups
CASH OUT: 30/25 Calorie Row

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