Wednesday 8/21

I hope everyone’s still having fun at OSA! Numbers have dropped a little which I think is from vacations and school starting up, but lets see if we can get some new faces in before the end of the month!

Also I want to take a minute to hopefully get everyone on the right path. First things first, the reason we are all here is for results. Each person may have different goals in mind, but with a good program any goals can be achieved. So ask yourself, “Am I getting to where I want? Am I losing weight? Am I gaining weight? Can I run faster, lift more and jump higher? Am I feeling good or run down?” Here are some reasons I feel contribute the most to stagnant progress…

1. Poor programming – Not many gyms will have varying programs to help a hard gainer (someone who struggles with gaining weight) gain weight & the over weight average Joe lose weight. OSA feels its programming does a great job following CrossFit’s guidelines for getting fit as f&@!. We vary functional movements at an increased intensity. These may not directly relate to what you are looking for so please take advantage of our open gym hours so you can gain the benefit of our program AND still tackle your weaknesses (kipping, muscle ups, pull ups, squat strength, oly technique…). We will help you!

2. Lack of in the gym effort – How many METCONs have you done recently where you finished gasping for breath, felt a little nauseous and had barely enough strength to stand? How many squats have you done recently where you were a little nervous stepping out of the rack? How many times have you PR’d on any row interval? Now the purpose of CrossFit isn’t necessarily to have you crumbled over puking every day, or failing squats each time you get under because you’re trying to PR. But, if you never border that line of failure or “sloppiness” you probably aren’t pushing as hard as you need to if you want to win a competition, or even drop those last 20lbs and get that 6 pack you’ve been dreaming of for years. If you aren’t pumped up after a PR there’s something wrong.

3. Lack of out of the gym effort – How has your diet been? Think back to how clean you have eaten then rethink back, write it down and show someone else… see what they say. Yes, whole grain wraps, fruit, milk and sweet sauces still count as a carbs. The amount may vary, but they all have an affect on your insulin which can screw up your best efforts in the gym. Basic guidelines for weight lose EAT LOW-NO CARBS, ADD IN CARBS ONLY POST WORKOUT. Basic guidelines for gaining weight EAT EVERYTHING MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY (HIGH CARB/FAT). BOTH DIETS INCLUDE HIGH PROTEIN/HIGH TO MODERATE FAT INTAKE. You won’t gain or lose weight within 2-3 weeks on any regimen. Your body will take 3+ weeks to adapt to change, so if you’ve been stuffing your face for 3 weeks do it for another 2 months then ease back a little. You should have gained some muscle mass that won’t go anywhere unless you go the exact opposite and eat strict paleo…

4. Failure to Prehab/Rehab – Muscle, joints, ligaments and tendons all take a beating when you push your limits. Your body will adapt, but why make it suffer along the way. Add in that post workout shake, amino acids, a multivitamin and maybe even some fish oils and joint supplements. Come into the gym 20 minutes early or stay20 minutes after to foam roll, stretch and work on your weak areas. I know most people don’t take stretching seriously and that’s usually why people get injured. A tear there, tweaked disc there and pulled something or other over here…

Best example I can give is Coach Neil. Originally when he started he didn’t take mobility serious enough and Coach G didn’t do a good enough job pushing him. He was out for 5-6 months with pain and aches everywhere in his body, a possible herniated disc or 2, sciatica and not much confidence he’d ever make it back. He could only do pull ups, push ups and curls without pain. He started taking stretching and foam rolling seriously and here he is squatting lower then ever before, doing muscle ups, hspus, snatches, jerks, kb swings… all things he wished he could do 4 months ago. He’s one of the biggest success stories in that respect that I’ve seen yet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as happy as he is now. I think there’s some value in it for everyone.

How many backs and hamstrings hurt after our in-house competition? How many of you left and went home, ate and went to bed, then sat around the next day to “let your muscles heal?” And how many of you still had pain days later? Take advantage of your resources at OSA and take active recovery more seriously.. please. Find new stretches, foam roll new ways and force your body to become more mobile.

Anyone interested I will post a diet log for as long as I can until I get bored of it on Instagram #crossfitosa, and facebook (probably). Don’t take how I eat as how you should eat. I have found what works for me. I don’t like bread, rolls and wraps (I love them, but they ruin training and how I feel) and stick with rice or sweet potato as my carb. Yes, I have wraps at lunch but that’s because the only thing you can buy on the run without bread around here is chicken salad and after 2-3 months of that every day for lunch it got old. I’m also a 6’2” 212lb male who works out 1-3x a day 6-7 days a week. Even though I didn’t do CrossFit all my years of lifting I have been busting my ass for the past 8 years missing no more then 5 days a month. That’s right.. 5-7 days a week for 8 years.. on vacations, when I was sick, in school working a lot didn’t matter. So my body has adapted and craves calories 24/7 especially after I started training hard for CrossFit. I also generally follow Carb Back Loading’s philosophy minus the donuts and crap. I eat carbs later in the day and before bed. If it happens to be some dark chocolate covered almonds and not a sweet potato so be it. I strict up my diet come competition time.

On a final note try and focus on yourselves at the gym. It’s fun competing against friends or maybe even more fun against foes, but worrying about scores and being #1 and all that will lead some of you to stray the path. Cheating reps, cutting squat depth & runs short, or voiding movements because they’re “too hard” takes away from why you’re here. We’re all family now… no one will judge you if it takes you double the time as everyone else or if you have to do half the weight, so please do the full workouts. Missing numbers happens from time to time, but missed reps will eventually add up and the only one you’ll be hurting is yourself. Whether it be stagnant progress or coming in last place at the competition you’ve been dying to do… Either way it will hit deep and hard, and you’ll know you were the one to blame. We’re here to help you so please let us. OSA loves all its members and wants nothing but the best for you. There isn’t anything better then seeing the smile on your faces when you see results.. Enjoy everyone…


STRENGTH: Front Squat

50 Double Unders
25 Plate Burpees (plate burpees not burpees to plate)@45/25
*rest 1:1 b/w rounds*

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