Wednesday 6/25

Shorts were ordered tonight! Hopefully they’ll be in within two weeks! If you haven’t brought in your cash please do so this week! ($45 for girls, $50 for guys)

a) Broad Jump, 8×2 (Jump once and land. Jump once more from where you landed)
*Aim is to get max distance in 2 jumps. You have 8 sets to hit a max*

b) Box Jump, 8×1
*Aim is to get max height in 8 sets. Go from a seated position if possible*

CORE: “Iron Born”
a) Reverse Tabata L-sit, Add weight. If you can’t do it legs straight either try to straighten them or put a DB between your knees.

100 Russian Twists per side.
*Tabata Style. Must go 20s on/10s off*

MOBILITY: Spend the rest of class on Mobility.


a) 4 Rounds
15 KB Swings
Run Around building

b) 3 Rounds
20 Walking Lunges (10 per leg)
4 Burpees
*Rest 60s between rounds*


a) 3 Position Power Clean (High, Mid, Low)
b) Work up to a heavy 2Rep High Hang with pause
c) Split Jerks from a Rack, 3×3


Here’s one of OSAs athletes and Champion Motorcycle Racer Corey Alexanderson, featured in action, during the AMA Pro SuperSport race this past weekend. He’s an animal at only 20 years old and already at the top of his sport. He recently suffered a bad collarbone injury that needed surgery, but still managed to pull off 3rd place. He’s one of the coolest guys and OSA will always be here to keep his fitness where it needs to be to handle these races!
Photo Credit goes to Brian J. Nelson Photography










Here’s his helmet rockin’ an OSA Sticker!

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