Hello everyone! Hope you’ve enjoys the past 2 days of wods.. we have some good stuff planned today! Quick note….


Make sure you guys are taking classes. We allow people to work on extra stuff, but you MUST take classes. That means:

– Warming up WITH the class, not doing your own thing off to the side and jumping in quick before the WOD. If you know your tight points or have some mobilizing you want to do then go for it, we encourage it, but do it with the group. We’ve noticed some people doing 1/4 of the warm up and that’s no good!

– Socializing! We want you guys to know each other and build friendships. Its tough to do that if you always stay off in the corner. Also using headphones during your extra work is fine, we all have our lifting music, but during class we want your full attention!

– Cheering each other on and giving credit where credit is due. If someone just hit a PR go give them a high five! If you don’t know them then that’s the perfect opportunity to congratulate and meet them.

– And finally please be sure to get all membership dues in on time. We’ve been lenient the past month or two, but please pay on time or notify us beforehand of any issue


AGENDA: Olympic Technique, Weight Strength, Benchmark


a) Clean Complex: 4 sets of

3 hh clean + 2 PJ@increasing


b) Sumo Deadlifts

4×3 (not TnG)


c) “Christine’s Sister Christen… the Runner”


200m run

12 deadlifts@Bodyweight

21 Box Jumps@24/20

*Modify weight as necessary*

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