Wednesday 12/4

Remember its the first week in the month so bring in your money please! Don’t forget to look at this months deals too. Gonna be a fun one today

If classes are full, today’s workout will be tough to get done on time without everyone’s help. So please come in ready to work!

METCON: “Survivor #1”
200m Row                  250m Row                300m Row             350m Row               400m Row
10/8 Pull Ups            14/12 Pull Ups        18/16 Pull ups      22/20 Pull Ups      26/24 Pull Ups
14/10 Push Ups         18/14 Push Ups     22/18 Push Ups   26/20 Push Ups    30/24 Push Ups
10 V-ups                       14 V-ups                   18 V-ups                   22 V-ups                 26 V-ups
*Perform E4MO4M*
*Start with first rep scheme. If you make it within 4 mins move to the next rep scheme*
*Keep going until you fail to finish within the 4 mins*

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