Alright guys, we’ll have a lot going on this and next week as CrossFit kids is starting… here’s what you need to know:

1. Any/all information on the CrossFit kids program can be found on our new CrossFit Kids section of the website. All parents should read ALL  of that information

2. Next week we will be doing a trial week for free. Anyone interested please let us know! For next week we will only have 1 class tuesday and a class thursday from 5:30-6:15pm. It will be for ages 6-16 and is just to give parents and kids an idea of how things will run. We’ll do our best to keep it fun for all without boring those who may be 14 or 15.

3. Our kids section is still being updated with pictures and information, but the bulk of it is on there.

4. Classes for all age groups will have a 3 child minimum, which is why we brought back sign ups (just for the kids classes). Sign ups are mandatory for everyone. Parents will received a text message by 10am the morning of class if there wasn’t enough kids signed up so they don’t waste a trip (if email is preferred let us know)

5. Any teens currently taking our regular CrossFit classes do not have to stop taking them and only attend the teens class, but it’s highly encouraged that they at least attend a few of those classes (your memberships won’t change unless you solely want to pay to take the teen classes). It will be a lot of fun to get to workout with your friends! Any new teens will HAVE to take the teen class (with exceptions made at our discretion for those 16+).

6. We are not canceling the normal CrossFit classes which take place during the kids classes for now. We will give it a month and see how things run with both going at once. We don’t anticipate it being an issue with a few changes we’ve made during those times…

– Only those taking class during those times (tuesday & thursday 5-6:15pm) will be allowed to workout. That means no extra work done after the 4:30 class those days unless the younger kids classes are canceled due to low numbers. ***For thursdays (open day), you’ll be allowed in the gym during their class, but only to stretch/mobilize until they have finished**

– The music will be lower and appropriate for the kids (no DMX, or music with cursing/obscenities)

– The CrossFit class (and anyone stretching or doing mobility, which will be allowed) and the Kids class will be separated. This means staying on your designated side of the gym (unless extra equipment is needed and is on the other side). So bring your water bottle, jump ropes, etc… with you before the start of class.

– We need to make sure the kids can focus with everyone else in the gym, so please, no interacting with the kids or coach coaching their class (exception to child’s parents).

– There can be no screaming, cursing, rough housing, or any other inappropriate behavior while the kids are in the gym.

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR HELPING US OUT WITH THIS. We’ve really wanted to get to teach kids the things that we all missed out on growing up and now we finally have that chance. Things may be a little hectic at first, but after a few weeks we’ll have everything set and be in a good routine.

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