Tuesday 9/29

We’re still working in planning an inhouse competition, and also want to finally get around to an OSA movie night! We’ve been saying it for months and need to figure it out.

As the days progress keep reminding yourself why you come in and what you’re looking to achieve. It will give each workout a purpose and ensure you give 100%.

“Would you follow you?”


5×1 Strict M.U/4 Pull Ups (tempo if possible)

SPEED: 5×5-10-5 sprints. 60s between

CORE: Turkish Get Ups

6 reps per arm (take your time) with a barbell. Alternating arms, go up and down.


3 rounds for total reps of:
1 min ME BBJ@20/16
rest 30s
1 min ME STTB/SK2E
rest  30s
1 min ME Rope Climbs
rest 30s

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