Tuesday 9/22/15

Coach G and Ant are back and still amped up from the weekend! Although the Madhatters didn’t win, we still showed the world what we can do! Not easy leaving 100 degree to come to 50 degrees!

Let goo today


A) STRENGTH: “OSA Bench Press Test”

EMOM x Failure perform:

20 Double Unders + 2 bench press

**start at an empty bar and increase by 20/10 pounds every minute, until you can’t perform the double unders and bench within the minute. If we have enough people well go in heats and have a partner help load the weight.**

**MEN – if your max bench is under 150lbs ┬áincrease by 10, LADIES – if your bench is under 85lbs go up by 5lbs**

**Doubles can be scaled/modified for singles**


B) STRENGTH: Pause Back Squats

w/s – 3×2@75%-85% 1RM

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