Tuesday 7/14

We’re at 499 likes! A year and a half ago, before moving into the new space, we had close to 100. So awesome, let’s see who #500 is!! The day we get 500 well have each class do 500 burpees to honor this awesome achievement… thanks everyone who likes us!


a) STRENGTH: Turkish Get-ups

w/s – 4×3 per arm, try bottoms up KB for one or two sets


b) Technique: Kipping

Pull Ups – Those that can do pull ups will review kipping and work on doing it tempo, then do 3×5 perfect kipping C2B or pull ups

Ring Dips/HSPU – Those that can do dips/hspus will practice this. Those proficient with hspus can work towards freestanding

**Those that cannot do pull ups/hspus/Dips can do any/all of the following:

– Modified Strict Pull Ups 5×10

– Wall Facing HS Holds 5x30s, or 4×10 jack knife push ups

– Close Grip Bench 4×8


c) Core: AMRAP5

100 Flutter Kicks (total)

100 Russian Twists (total)

10 3-Ups



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