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Let’s have a talk everyone… This post is long and you should all read it. Hopefully it opens your eyes to some things. At the very end I posted my Affiliate Essay (You had to write to CrossFit about who you are and why you want to own a gym). I hope you all read this too. Hopefully it’ll show how much I care about helping people and want to help you guys succeed. I can only do so much and try so hard… the rest is up to you
Every thing we do in here is for your benefit. The workouts, the stretching, the modifications… its all to get you stronger, fitter and healthier. There tends to be some resistance with some things so I want to clear them up.
– BE ON TIME: You are paying to come to a class (classes have time slots) to increase your health and fitness. There’s a slight line of respect which should be held with regards to being on time. Being late can disrupt a class, show lack of enthusiasm for the day and may lead the coach to prolonging the class to make sure you have enough time to warm up. I personally hate allowing people to rush a warm up. It’s the perfect way to open the door for injury or just a crappy workout. That being said sometimes shit happens. There’s traffic, you missed your alarm, you had to pick up the kids, etc… Occasionally these things happen and occasionally is ok. Reoccurring is unacceptable. The penalty we just put in is no longer in affect. Besides being a small incentive it could also be used to help you guys get better. Notice we didn’t do burpees, but a movement we all can get better at.
– DON’T BE A WRENCH IN THE GEARS: When we make a warm up or pick exercises there’s usually a specific reason. Or it just may a great way to warm up the body we just found out about or wanted to add to keep things varied. Please don’t give the coaches a hard time over anything. If there’s pain, it doesn’t feel right, or you don’t think it’s something you can do then that’s fine. But not doing something because you don’t want to do it is a poor mindset and will lead to stagnant progress at some point in time.
– TRY: We can only give you the tools to get better. If you don’t use them it would be tough to expect to get where you want to get to. Diet, effort in workouts or following through with the full workout (full range of motion, ALL the reps), are all part of it. We have knowledge, we’ve tried things and have an idea of what may work and what may be a waste of time so trust us.
– HAVE FUN: Working out, CrossFit, should be/is fun. If it’s not fun there’s something wrong. Yea 100 burpees to most people is horrible and a waste of time. but the mental and physical benefits of doing something like that… doing it to the best of your abilities is priceless. The mindset of someone who takes in CrossFit 100% is extremely hard to break. Long work hours, family issues, unexpected accidents… they all become easier to manage and work through when you’ve trained and worked towards your potential and realized all the awesome things you are capable of. There is one member who has fully embraced CrossFit and has seen insane results. I am talking to that person to see if he’ll write an article about his journey and where he started/is at now.
STRENGTH: Bench Press
2 three second Pause + 1 Tempo + 1 Normal Presses x 6. Strict 2 minutes rest between. All sets at same weight unless you really misjudged it.
STRENGTH: Pulling Strength
5 x 2 tempo up/down chin ups + 5 Pull ups (or max effort)
Rest as needed between sets.
5 x 12 DB Delt Flys
Rest as needed between sets.

CORE: 3 sets at each
40s On/20s Off. Max reps. Rotate movements
Pike Ups
Side Plank right side
Weighted Abmats
Side plank left side

Dear CrossFit,Hello, my name is Gary Sorrentino. I am a 23 year old personal/CrossFit trainer whose passion for fitness was forever changed on December 1st, 2010. Before that life-changing date my social life (outside of school, work or family) involved mainly weight lifting. As a child I was an athlete playing baseball and basketball year round. Even though I was a good athlete, my self-image and confidence were extremely low. I suffered from FKS, otherwise known as “Fat Kid Syndrome.”

Fat Kid Syndrome is a serious disease where a kid’s evaluation of his own self-worth is constantly being attacked by his visual perception of what he/she should look like. All jokes aside, I had low confidence as a kid, didn’t party much, and I socialized with only a few kids outside of a school setting.

As the years passed, a passion grew inside me to be bigger and stronger than anyone I knew; just like the guys doing World’s Strongest Man (my dad and I used to watch that all the time). I couldn’t however muster up the confidence to join a gym. One day when I was between 16 and 17 I finally joined a gym, and through much trial and error eventually got bigger and stronger. My athletic performance and confidence were both increased, as did my sense of self-worth. I had found my niche in the world… to lift things up and put them down. For the next four years my regimen consisted of the usual “globo gym” stuff, making a slight switch in the beginning of 2010 towards power lifting.

So now, I was much bigger, much stronger, much less flexible (who thinks to stretch?), and in poor cardiovascular shape. I began taking “Spartan Classes” which were offered in the parking lot behind a supplement store I now work at part time. Being basically “CrossFit” (in the sense of high intensity), with less emphasis on form and more emphasis on puking, Spartan Training began to get me in better shape. Unfortunately, it ended a few weeks later since I was the only one who would keep coming back for more. From then on the majority of my workouts were that style, but lacked structured and led to little progress.

Up till this point I had read up on lots of body building and power lifting routines and techniques and decided that personal training was something I could see myself doing for a long time. In November of 2010 my lovely girlfriend introduced me to one of the owners of CrossFit Danbury, her personal trainer at the time (never train your significant other). She said I should talk to him about Crossfit and the possibility of a job as a trainer. Having never heard of Crossfit before; I had tons of questions. After speaking with the owner I decided to give it a try. December 1st, 2010 was my first ever CrossFit class/workout and it kicked my ass.

For the next few months I Crossfitted, seeing many ups & downs, PR’s and not PR’s. In May of 2011 CrossFit Danbury presented me with the opportunity to shadow their trainers and learn what I could. After doing that for a month and reading every fitness/nutrition book I could get my hands on I went for my Level 1 Certification at CrossFit Reebok One. June 26th, 2010 marks not only the day I became CFL1, but also the day I knew I wanted CrossFit to be my life.

The seminar at Reebok one opened my eyes to the true essence of CrossFit. People who may have never squatted before were performing Medicine Ball cleans (a movement I as an athlete struggled to do) with good form. Also, people who seemed to be former athletes all fell to the mercy of Fran; myself included. My conceptualization of CrossFit evolved from being solely about a fast paced, high intensity workout, to a way of life which can help mom lose weight, grandpa increase his quality of living, or help an athlete increase athletic performance and guarantee longevity in sport.

Since I began my career as a trainer I have encountered people of all different backgrounds, with all different goals. Every time I stepped into CrossFit Danbury to teach a class I try and take a step back from any crap that’s bugging me in life and think to myself, “Right now it’s not about me, it’s about them.”

A quote I came up with says, “Although people may differ in what they want to achieve, they all share one goal… the desire for self-improvement. This is what I want to help them accomplish.

I want to be an affiliate owner. I want to allow Crossfit to help other people like it has helped me.



Gary Sorrentino

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