Tuesday 6/10


1) Any ladies who wanted shorts need to bring in $45 cash and tell one of the  coaches what size they are so we can get them ordered. If you’re unsure about your size we have a size 4 & 6 you can look at (They come in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12). Any non members can get a pair too! You just need to let us know and pay in advance.
Here’s what they look like. They’re similar to the the Lululemon Speed Shorts









Romanian Dealifts 3×25
Tate Press 3×16
Hip Extension Holds 3x30s-60s

*If you didn’t come yesterday hit Back Squat & Strict press 5×5*
*If you aren’t coming tomorrow do 4×12-15 Banded GHDSU*

a) 10 RFT
5 Sit Ups
5 Squats
10 Jumping Jacks
*Every 60s rest 15s (sounds confusing but we’ll tell you when to rest)*

b) AMRAP 8
10 KB Swings
3 point sprint
30 Jump Rope

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