Tuesday 3/3

Alrighty guys lets talk…

1) This past weekend Coach G threw down at Crofton CrossFit during his NPGL ProDay. If you haven’t heard of the NPGL or gridleague youtube it! You’ll be amazed at the things they do. Both days went well and short videos can be seen on his facebook page or CrossFit OSAs instagram @crossfitosa

2) Coach G is so proud of everyone who came and hit 15.1 Friday night! You all killed it and most of you hit a PR on your clean & jerk. You all should be proud… we sure are. Keep up the hard work and lets see where OSA can get to on the leaderboard next week. As of now we’re in 80th place out of 405 teams! hell yeah!

3) The weather may act up again this week so keep your eyes here and on Facebook for updates each day

4) OSA is now selling KillCliff!! We didn’t get our fridge yet so for now they are in the big black fridge under the heater. Here’s the deal with all that:
COST: $3 per can cash only
– There’s a red container at the gym with cash in it. For now all you need to do it grab one and throw your cash in the tub. IF you need change take it. We’re going on the honor system for now so if you have the cash just take one (NO BIG BILLS!)
What is it?: a recovery drink filled with what your body needs after/during workouts.

“I’m all about a no bullsh*t and badass product. And Kill Cliff fits the bill. As a recovery aid, the flavor-filled fluid is derived from vitamins, enzymes, plant extract, and electrolytes to keep you trucking along. No sugar, no crazy colored additives, and no fake flavors. This bubbly brew is like unicorn magic in your mouth. So drink some.

My extensive research has revealed the above to be the best beverages for athletes seeking energy, recovery, and better suited beverages for the ultimate in performance and technique. So take my word for it (or don’t), that these 5 lovely liquids offer the greatest good with the tastiest gains. Go on and get it.” – Taken from Kill Cliffs blog
– If you have any other questions just ask us!


1 – 10 Strict Pull Ups
2 – 15 Box Jump Overs@30/24
3 – 5-10 Strict Ring Dips (pick a manageable number)

10/8 Calorie Row
4 Burpees over rower
50 Double Unders


kill cliff

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