Tuesday 3/18

Update on Friday guys.. This week we will hit the Open WOD for the class workout on Saturday. Friday Coach G will be heading down to Downstate CrossFit to hit 14.4 with Alex Nettey (A really good CrossFitter) at 7:00pm. All are encouraged to come out and cheer on or even hit the WOD (They are having people sign up for the WOD if they want to do it. So  if you want to message them!)

Otherwise there will be a 4:30 & 5:30 class and OPEN GYM 6:30-7:30pm Friday night (Coach Ant has PT and will be there all night).

SKILLS: Muscle Ups
IF YOU ARE CLOSE – Go through ring progressions. Practice a few bar muscle ups with bands if needed. In 15 minutes work to get one without one.
IF YOU CAN – 2 Ring Muscle Ups Every 45s x 4…. then….3-5 Bar Muscle Ups Every 45s x 4
(Mainly for those who are doing the open and can do them or are close. Everyone else do…)
Practice kipping and work towards using a light band or butterfly… then… Strict Pull Ups 2 Every 30s x 10

METCON: “Darn Hangover”
8 Minute AMRAP
Ascending ladder 3, 6, 9…
Ring Dips (If you don’t have ring dips yet or are sore from bench yesterday do strict press with an appropriate weight and hold the DB or KB in a front rack position)
1 arm OHWL with DB or KB (3L/3R, 6L/6R… Doesn’t matter which arm its in or how many reps you use each hand for)

CASH OUT: Run to milk jugs and back

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