Tuesday 10/1

I had an idea for this friday! There will be a certain dirty girl we will all be doing Friday, so I thought it’d be cool if everyone all came at the same time and we could hit it as a group. Since most of us have jobs during the day I was thinking of getting as many people as we can to go around 5:30-6 to hit it? Please let one of the coaches know if you can!! Thanks guys

PRACTICE: Handstands
LEVEL 2 – Freestanding Handstands, Handstand Walking
LEVEL 1 – Headstands, Handstand against wall, HSPU Negatives

CONDITIONING: E2MO2M 14 minutes (7x)
7/4 Muscle Ups OR 15/10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 Burpees

10 Pull Ups
8 Burpees

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