Thursday 9/10

For those that come in today, please tell us some things you’d like to see in the coming weeks? Movements, benchmark workouts, heavy lifts, etc… or maybe pose some hard challenges for the coaches! Part of our training must always be unknown and unknowable!

Today is OPEN DAY at the gym. Today is your day to work on anything and everything. We will be here to help you with a weakness or to make up a workout you missed, or just give you some active recovery to keep your body’s primed.

The gym will be open 6am-11:30am and 3:00pm-8:30pm

The work below will be posted as active recovery/accessory for those who have been here monday-wednesday…


a) 3x

20 band pull aparts

20 Reverse Snow Angel


b) 3x3k Row, rest 5m between


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