Saturday 6/21

Ladies and Gents please get your shorts sizes in! We plan on ordering them monday if the apparel guy can do it!

Also Mama G and her family are having a great time helping with the relief effort in Honduras. They have visited some schools and handed out some of the supplies, all of which put smiles on the childrens faces. She thanked all of us for our donations!


STRENGTH: Turkish Get-ups
a) 3×3 per arm. Start from top and go down. Use any implement.
b) 3×8 TGUSU with DB or KB (Sit straight up with these, with either 1 oe 2 DB or KB in hand. If you only use one don’t use the other hand to help sit up)

20s Easy + 20s Moderate + 10s Max Effort + 10s rest x 5 = 5 minutes. Try to keep moving except during the 10s rest period
Goal Paces Guy/Girl:
Easy = 1:55/2:10, Moderate = 1:40/1:55, Max = >1:30/1:40



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