Pretty awesome story you all should read

One of the best and most inspiring stories from one of OSA’s original members. This guy took control of his health and got his life back on track. He’s never been happier and either have we.


“I have been CrossFitting with Gary for over two years now. During that time I gained a few things, but I also lost a few things. I lost over 50 pounds in about a year and a half, ten inches around my gut, about five inches around my waist and two suit sizes. I literally had to purchase a completely new wardrobe with the exception of socks. None of my pants fit, all of my shirts are too big, my boxers were too large. I also gained some things. I gained confidence in my body, I gained a stronger immune system, and I gained a girlfriend. I attribute all three 100% to the results that Gary has produced in me. When faced with a physical challenge I used to shy away and back down, but now I tackle it like Barney Stinson (Challenge accepted!).

To get to this point it was not easy. Early on at the “old gym” Gary asked all the members to choose a goal for themselves. I wanted to lose weight, but it wasn’t about the number on the scale. I never wanted to be able to use the excuse “muscle weighs more than fat, no wonder I am gaining weight. I never wanted excuses. So I chose to have my gut measurement equal my waist measurement. The trouble was as I lost inches around my gut, I lost inches around my waist.

My game plan was as follows:

  • Go to the gym 4-6 times a week
    • Especially when I was sore. Going to the gym when sore, and telling the coach, X, Y, and Z hurts meant I would learn some crazy new stretch, and then viola! No more soreness.
  • No cheating! Ever.
    • One day at the gym I was a little frustrated with the lack of results and Gary asked my diet. I told him I was 100% paleo, except on Tuesday’s I would have two drinks and eat breaded chicken. He told me to give up the chicken. A week later, the results started to come back. From that point on I looked at every doughnut, every bun, every French fry as eliminating two days at the gym. And I work too damn hard in that gym to throw a day away for some chicken tenders. Zero alcohol was critically important too.
  • Blueberries in my protein.
    • I saw an ad for one of those “scientist hate him, his muscles are inhuman.” products on Facebook one day. And I clicked on it and read what they were trying to sell. Their product was essentially the chemical equivalent of protein and antioxidants. So then I looked at where in nature I could find the highest concentration of antioxidants. The answer was wild organic blueberries. Which when frozen are perfect in a protein shake. In regards to protein shakes, I recommend mine (Carnivore. Its beef protein. Not vegan plant protein. We were meant to eat animal protein, so that’s what I eat.) but bottom line, drink what tastes good and doesn’t upset your stomach.
  • Every rep, of every workout, warm up and cool down.
    • To get results, I knew I needed to be in the gym as many days a week as possible. Therefore I couldn’t be injured. And to prevent injuries I had to listen to everything the coaches told me. That meant every rep of the warm up, every stretch afterword’s, everything. I eventually started to realize that the warm up wasn’t just to “get the blood flowing.” It was deliberate. The muscles I was warming up and stretching were the same ones I was using in the WOD. Over the past two years I can say with confidence and certainty that I have never skipped a single rep in any warm up or work out we have done. And that has made all the difference. I am not saying I never modified a work out, because I did, and you have to. It’s important to keep the intensity up. But it is also important to not cheat yourself of the results you deserve!

Now that I have achieved my results, I am in a maintenance mode. I go to the gym less, because I am busy enjoying the life that CrossFit has given me. I still have my blueberries and protein shakes, I still give it my all when I’m in the gym, and I still stick to the Paleo diet as much as I can.”


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