Personal Training

Personal One-on-one Sessions:

One-on-one sessions are a valuable tool for anyone with a specific goal in mind. Whether your goal is getting to a target weight, is sport specific, or you are simply more comfortable with the personal aspect of a one-on-one session, personal sessions offer a nutrition and fitness program designed specifically for your needs. A one-on-one session will run anywhere from 45-60 minutes, and will include warm up/mobility work (client specific), the workout(s), and a cool down/mobility (client specific) segment at the end. Packages will also include nutritional guidance as well as self-help advice for making the necessary changes in your life. The staff of CrossFit OSA are not certified self-help professionals, but have learned many methods for overcoming the challenges life presents to us. Hurry and email us soon to schedule your sessions! Your time slot may be full soon!

*To sign up for a PT session call or email us to schedule a consultation and go over what it is you are looking to achieve.*

Personal – Group Training:

Personal Group sessions are also offered, for those who have a friend or two who share a common goal. The group sessions work similar to the one-on-ones except the attention of the trainer will be spread throughout the group instead of just on one individual. Group sessions are limited to 3 people, as more than 3 people will spread the trainers attention too thin and take away from the purpose of private sessions. They are a more affordable alternative for those looking to gain the benefits of a trainer, but are working with a budget.

919 Route 52
Kent, NY 10512
(845) 225-2500
**Look for the Milk bottles**

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