Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!! We hope all mothers have an amazing day and that all you kids make it happen!


Couple announcements…

1. Open gym today is from 8am-9:30am


2. Saturday May 23rd the gym will most likely be closed. It is the weekend of regionals and a lot of people, including coaches, are going to head up and watch. It’s much closer this year, being in Hartford, so anyone interested in coming should!


3. Don’t forget we have Memorial Day coming up! We plan on doing another huge workout in the am, and eat, drink and hangout after. 2 hears ago we had 17 people, last year we had around 45 people, let’s see how many we can get this year! We know everyone makes plans for today, so pencil OSA in!

We’ll most likely have it catered this year, but welcome any food/treats made by our OSA family.. we expect a lot of people!


4. Summer is upon us (where was spring?) and we know what that means… beautiful weather. Oh and also students will be coming home from/out of school. So be on the lookout for our summer deals! Word of mouth is the only way to grow OSA so keep talkin bout us!

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