Monday 9/23

Updates Updates!! We will be getting in a bunch of new apparel hopefully within the next 3 weeks. Long sleeves, thermals, zip ups, sweat pants and maybe more! So work overtime, sell some stuff or don’t eat for a week… either way have some extra cash ready to get some cool stuff! Also since some people come 3x a week and sometimes things come up and we miss a day here and there we will be posting 2-3 different core workouts which everyone should  try to get done at some point throughout the week! Whether it be during, before or after a class we need to get those cores strong! Lets get amped up this week!!!!


METCON: “Patrick Swayze”

4 rounds

10 Squat Clean Thrusters@115/75
12 Pull ups
14 Box Jumps
400m Run
*1 minute rest between rounds*
*If shins hurt step down on bjs and either row or do burpees instead of running*

3 rounds

10 Squat Clean Thrusters
10 Pull ups
10 Box Jumps
200m Run
*1 minute rest between rounds*




CORE SET#1: “Ouch my abs hurt”
– 3×50 AbMat Sit ups AFAP with arms across chest. Rest 1:1
– Accumulate 3 minutes in Superman Hold. If person is hyper mobile don’t let them overextend their back too much

CORE SET#2: “L-sits make me have to pee”
1xME L-sit on any apparatus
Reverse Tabata L-Sits on Pull Up bar is possible
3×20 Back Extensions (round then down)

CORE SET#3: “Do I have an 8-pack yet?”
10 GHDSU@add weight in form of Medball or KB. Don’t go all the way down if it hurts your back. With   weight people may over extend at the bottom if their abs aren’t strong enough.
10 Side Bends (can do with a KB or Barbell (think tea pots Neil), or can be done how Neil and I did them                 on the bench with someone holding down/sitting on your legs.
30s V-hold

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