Monday 7/6

This is the first week of our full CrossFit Kids schedule! Make sure they’re signed up for classes. Any issues email us (

Joe from Compex will be in tonight demoing his machines! They’re muscle stimulation (stim) machines used for recovery. Some of you may have heard of MarcPro (similar idea) but he swears by his products. So come in and try one out, get some recovery. He’ll be offering a 40% discount for us!


Lot to do today so no BS!


OLYMPIC: Power Snatch

a) 3 position warm up, try to feel your weakest position

b) 4×4 power snatch w 3 Second Pause in Catch@light-medium


STRENGTH: Clean Grip Deadlifts

3×5@all set heaviest possible

*No hook grip. You’ll know now why we use it :)*



15 Seated DB Press

10 Strict Toes to Bar

25s L-sit

20 Seated Lateral Raises@light

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