Monday 7/21

Hello everyone.. This weekend was amazing. OSA represented at Bell City CrossFit’s Summer Throwdown. Everyone did an amazing job and should be proud of themselves. Those who competed were Bill Ryan, Michelle Ryan, Brian Weeks, Courtney Ellingham, Lauren O’Kelly, Jim Bourhill and Julia Kopec. If you see these guys in the gym give them a pat on the back… they truly impressed their coaches and made us proud!!! You can find a bunch of pictures and videos on our instagram @crossfitosa

We will have some updates hopefully by the end of the week regarding some add ons to our gyms programming, the shorts that were ordered and other events and competitions coming up so keep your eyes open!


STRENGTH: Push Press
w/s – 3×8@same across
Pick a weight you can do fairly quickly, but that you wouldn’t consider easy

TEST: Barbell Walks
Try 4 times to walk a heavy barbell between the two squat racks
Focus on:
– Keeping a vertical torso
– Midline tight/stable
– Small quick steps
– Ass tight

20 Burpees to a target
20 Alternating DB/KB Snatch (10/arm)


40 wallballs
50 jump ropes
30 KB Swings
40 jump ropes
20 weighted sit ups
30 jump ropes

b) 3 rounds for quality
10 Hip Extensions
5 five second pause air squats
5-10 full depth push ups

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