Monday 6/16

Coach G had an amazing weekend attending Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Connection Seminar. He’s one of the coolest and nicest guys around, and also happens to be a movement guru. Coach G is excited to share all of this with you guys so come to class ready to learn! We have awesome things planned this month. We have some new faces in the gym which is awesome, but lets see if we can add some more! Spread the word of our deals!

Also, any ladies who wanted a pair of shorts you need to give us the $$ as well as your size so we can get them ordered!!


We’ll spend 20 minutes going over many movements which will all lead up to a pistol squat

30s Moderate + 15s Max Effort + 60s Easy x 5 = 8min 45s of work
*Goal is to keep moving the entire time. Be smart with your paces*

Easy = walk to jog, moderate = job to fast jog, Max Effort = ALL OUT*

IF THERE’S TIME: Glute Ham Raises
3-5×5 (Try and get as much done of this as you can)



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