Monday 5/27

I hope to see you all today at 9:30! That will be the only class of the day. Hopefully you’ll all make some new friends and feel a sense of gym pride which you can carry over to every WOD. With that being said here’s our WOD for today…

“Memorial Day Murph”
1 mile run
100 Pull ups
200 Push Ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile run

**Athletes can choose to either do it individually or in teams of up to 3. Everyone will do the run. Individuals can partition the reps however they want but depending on when a pull up car is available it may be smarter just to get them all done in one shot. Teams must do all 100 pull ups before moving onto the push ups, and all the push ups before moving on to the squats.**

This one is a hero workout so let’s think about the sacrifice he made for us every time we want to stop.

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