Monday 3/31

Hello peoples. So this coming weekend we wanted to try and have an OSA get together to celebrate the finish of the 2014 CF Open and to continue to keep our community close. We wanted to do something all inclusive that everyone would have fun doing, so we decided bowling sounded perfect. We have a list on the board, please sign your name if you want go to. We need a head count. We can either go to Carmel which is close for most people and they have moonlight bowling. or we can drive to brookfield. We’re open for suggestions! We’ll talk about it throughout the week.

STRENGTH: Front/Back Squat
EMOM x 10
2 Back Squats
*Start around 70-75% of 1RM. Ladies add 10 lbs, guys add 15 lbs mins 1-5. Mins 6-10 stay at final weight unless too easy*

SKILL: Explosiveness
7 sets of 3 knee jumps. To make harder use a PVC or light bar and work snatches or try jumping onto some plates
*If these are too hard do seated box jumps for height*

CORE: “Accessorize”
15 weighted hip extensions
30s V-hold
1 arm KB walk down left arm
1 arm KB walk back right arm

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