Monday 3.14.16

Another job well done in the open everyone! Great workouts planned this week.


a) OLY: Clean Complex
EMOM [Every Minute On the Minute] x 10
1 Squat Clean + 2 Front Squats@Increasing (start light around 60%)

b) METCON: “Meeshed Potatoes”
10 AKBS@53/35 [American Kettlebell Swing]
12 STO@95/65 [Shoulder To Overhead]
10 Box Jumps@24/20 (must step down)
12 Lunges@53/35 (total)


Can keep everything the same, but use 30″/24″ box height
We will slowly be adding in a “PERFORMANCE” section in addition to our normal class, which we will most likely be calling “FITNESS”. The PERFORMANCE section is a continuation of our OPEN ATHLETES program. We will give this a try for a little bit to see if people are interested, if not we’ll go back to normal. Here’s the difference:

PERFORMANCE: This is either slightly different workouts/notes, or additional work that should be performed by those who want to excel at CrossFit as a Sport. You should be able to Rx 80% of workouts and perform most movements. Scaling will be minimized.

FITNESS: This is classes how they are/have been programmed normally. Their focus is to get you fitter, healthier, stronger, and to get that beach body ready (OSA BEST ABS ON THE BEACH).

Anyone with any question ask a coach!

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