Monday 1/4/16

It’s 2016 now guys… You should have goals in mind so we can hit every workout with a purpose. Let’s see if we can keep our attitudes positive this year. No complaining! Remember why you come here… to better yourselves. Hard work is HARD, but it’s extremely important you do it and learn to love and embrace it. Other aspects of your life will become easier and you will become more success… HARD WORK = SUCCESS.

We’re talking to all parents of kids/teens to see if were offering the best schedule. We won’t make everyone happy, but we want to see these classed packed every night!


FUN things planned for this month. I want the gym packed every day. Tell your friends and family to come try classes. We’ve asked this of you guys before and we’re asking again. We want our OSA family to take over! New deals are in the works… bringing in new members will be VERY beneficial to you guys.

Let’s goooooo


– 5 min Foam Roll
Spider Crawl
10 Pike ups over bar
20 x-band walks per side

b) STRENGTH: Back Squats
12 minutes to find a 3 Rep Max. If you finish early hit a few drop sets of 8

c) CORE: For Quality
L3 – 100 GHDSU/V-Ups
L2 – 75 GHDU/V-Ups
L1 – 50 GHDSU/V-Ups
*IF you don’t do these often don’t do L3*
*For some these make them nauseous or bother their back, if you can’t go back at least half way sub V-Ups*


3 Rounds for Time
12/9 Calorie Bike
*Rest 30s between*




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