Monday 12/9

CORE SET#1: “Cucumber Water”
100 Hollow Rocks
50 Back Extensions
25 Tea Pots

CORE SET#2: “Coconut Water Tastes Like Pee”
OTM x 8
5-10 Strict TTB/Knee Lifts
*ON last rep hold n L-sit for 5-10s

CORE SET#3: “Cheese & Crackers”
10 Floor Wipers
10 Romanian Deadlifts
10 ASUs@53/35


Monday 12/09:

METCON: “Neil’s Spicy Tuna”

CASH IN: 500 Row + 5 Front Squats@Bodyweight/¾Bodyweight

    3 Rounds
3 Squat Clean Thruster Lunges@95/65 (per leg)
6 Burpees over bar
12 AbMat Sit Ups@53/35

CASH OUT: 5 Front Squats@Bodyweight/¾Bodyweight + 500m Row

MOBILITY: Lets find you guys a new MOB!


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