Monday 10/20

What an amazing event we had this past Saturday! We love having everyone together chatting, laughing and hitting workouts. Not only was this event fun, but it was also very successful in raising money for Barbells for Boobs! We raised an additional $1,300 which should bring our total amount raised so far to $10,000 dollars. That’s awesome!! We have helped 125 people get early detection and the possibility of having their lives saved before it was too late. You should all be proud of yourselves!

I want to thank everyone who helped us prepare, run, as well as clean up on Saturday! Especially LoLo, Leah, Jess, MichRy, Steph, Mighty Mouse, Joe, Rob and Ty. We needed a lot of help Friday night getting ready and I appreciate you all staying late. I want to thank my sis, mom and dad for getting supplies and organizing things, as well as selling the shirts and food so I could meet & greet and workout!

Three people who have been helping me for the past 2 years also deserve a big thank you… Coaches Neil and Anthony I appreciate everything you guys have done for myself and OSA. From covering classes, to cleaning, to helping maintain the standards of coaching OSA needs to have. I wouldn’t be where I am if you guys weren’t around so thank you!

Courtney you’ve helped me all along with promotional things, organizing and making sure I make the right decisions. Thank you so much for always being there to lend a hand.

Also a final thank you to Mimas and Nutrishop for coming out and supporting our event! We appreciate it and will be in touch the next time we hold an event.

“I cannot say enough how much I love and care for you all. Its days like this past Saturday that keep me so passionate for CrossFit and all the good it does. As we do more and more events I see everyone growing closer, everyone becoming more confident in and compassionate about their lives, and everyone becoming more fitter! I save any pictures and videos I can get my hands on of OSAers at events, competitions or during class. I see the change in all of you… more muscle tone, smiles during workouts, no more bands for pull ups, etc.. It’s a beautiful thing. I hope you all see these same results, as it will keep you on the right path both in the gym and out. I hope I have affected your lives in the most positive way, and I want you to know that I am always here to lend my knowledge, a helping hand, or just an ear to listen. Thank you guys for keeping OSA alive and allowing me to keep doing what I love to do.” – Coach G


I forgot my laptop at the gym but the WOD today I think is Sumo Deadlifts and Handstands! Lets get after it people! #FinishStrongerThenYouStarted

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