Monday 10/14

Thanks to everyone who represented OSA at Crossfit Danbury’s “Barbells For Boobs” fund raiser. There was a great turn out and they raised a LOT of money. Great job to those who competed in it also… You made OSA and it’s coaches VERY PROUD and you should all be pretty pumped with how you did! We’re posting the weeks programming today for the first time in a long time… IT’S GONNA BE A GOOD WEEK!

PROGRAM 10/14-10/19


CORE SET#1: “Reverse-Bring Sally Up!”
Bring Sally Up with AbMat Sit Ups. Start sitting up, go down when song says “bring sally up” and come up when song says “bring sally down”. Hold up position until next “bring sally up”
*Use as heavy of a KB as you think you can handle*
*Can do this with GHDSU’s with weight if you think you need it. Hold position should be as close to parallel as you can hold*


CORE SET#2: “No More Good Morning Squats”
4x each not rotating
5-8 Glute Ham Raises
8 Weighted Hip Extension@HP


CORE SET#3: “Pull with your core, not your hips!”
Death by V-Ups (go up by 2 each minute)

Monday 10/14

STRENGTH: Bear Complex (break it down into individual movements – Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, btn Push Press)
W/u – 3×3@increasing
W/s – 12 minutes to go heavy

METCON: “Grandma’s Chicken Soup”
21 Burpees
15 TTB
9 Deadlifts

Tuesday 10/15

PRACTICE: Muscle Ups/Kipping
Spend 15 minutes working on any MUs or kipping (pull up, dips, hspu’s)

METCON: “Turn Off The Lights & I Glow”
8 Ring Dips
16 Box Jumps@24/20

After METCON pick a core and do it!


Wednesday 10/16

STRENGTH: Strict Chin Ups
W/s – 4×8@weighted or least help

STRENGTH: Barbell Rows
W/s – 4×8@weighted or least help, with pronated grip

METCON: “Pizza Time”
500m Row
100 Double Unders
500m Row
Thursday 10/17

STRENGTH: Back Squats
W/u – 1×20, 2×6
W/s – 5×2@HP all sets

CONDITIONING: “How Bad Do You Want It”
3 sets for each, any order, not rotating, for max reps without dropping:

Overhead Squats@95/65
KB Swings@53/35 (can only rest overhead)

*rest 2 min b/w sets*
Friday 10/18

TEST: Thruster
W/u – 1×10, 2×6
W/s – Hit a 1 RM strictly within 5 sets, from a rack

OLY: Clean & Jerk
W/u – 3×2@inc
W/s – Hit some heavy singles (do not fail any reps)
Saturday 10/19
FUN: Bring Sally Up Back Squats@135/95 as a group@8:00!!!!! Come do it with everyone!

STRENGTH: Deadlifts 4×5@increasing


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