#GTD… Go Til Death or Go The Distance?

POST 2 – “#GTD… Go Til Death or Go The Distance? Pt 1.”

Recently I had a member ask me what “GTD” stands for. It has been my motto for the past few months leading up to the Open and Regionals. Where did it come from and why death?

The answer I gave her was, “Depends who is asking. For someone that I know is here to get healthy, make a life change, lose some weight or maybe just make a few friends, it stands for ‘Go The Distance’. For the person looking to become a beast and get to the highest level of fitness it stands for ‘GTil Death’.” 

After I told her she said, “Oh… ok…” seeming sort of confused or maybe even worried from the answer and walked back over to her foam roller. Why did I say death? We’ll get to that. For now let’s talk about going the distance.



People often tell me I have nothing to worry about. You can eat whatever you want and you’ll always be fit…. you workout all day so its easier for you…. you’re at a gym all day I have to work so it’s harder… Without going into a rant about my take on those statements I will simply say GET OVER IT. If you’re unhappy with your current state, if you want more freedom to indulge, if you keep saying “if”…. CHANGE IT. Start today because tomorrow is too late. I get up and do it every day, I Go The Distance, and you can to.

Harsh right? Unfortunately thats how life is, even to the best & nicest people. It simply does not care.

Too many times I’ve had clients come in with not only unrealistic expectations/timelines, but a sour mindset towards working hard. I say working hard because thats exactly how working out should be to have any significant impact. EASY DOES NOT CUT IT. My goal is to get people to change their idea of what FUN is and to accept anything life throws at them. Once you ‘Embrace The Suck’ things will become a little more fun. Regardless of how long it takes, YOU NEED TO KEEP GOING… GO THE DISTANCE..

One thing I can promise you is if you stop, you will never get to where you want to be.. so why stop? Life goes by too fast… blink once and its 5 years later, you’re still overweight or can’t do that pull up, you’re still at that job making you lots of money yet you still find yourself unhappy at the end of the day. As you look back, or see a friends transformation on FaceBook, you say ‘Man if only I kept with it’, or ‘If only I started’. Does this sound familiar?

We all have days we don’t want to get out of bed, let alone go to the gym before/after a long work day to do burpees. As unfulfilling as it may seem, I promise if you keep forcing yourself to do it you will start seeing some progress. Then a little progress will turn in to a lotta progress and then coming to the gym will no longer be a chore. It will be what you look forward to because you know its working, even if progress is slow.

There’s no quick fix, or one shot solution. It may take a month, a year, maybe 3 years. If you stick with it and do what’s necessary it will workout I PROMISE. Your fitness journey can be compared to writing a novel. Try to write the whole thing in a week and you will quickly become overwhelmed and most likely give up. Now lets say you wrote one page every day for a year. Each day the time dedicated would be minimal (maybe an hour) whereas there’s not much of a burden on the rest of your day. Also, the time could be spent creating something more detailed and well written. After 365 days you’d have a novel to be proud of and feel like time flew by.

Look through our testimonials section and you’ll get a small taste of the success OSA has had with some of its members.

Next post we’ll talk about where GTD came from and Going Til Death!


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