#GTD… Go Til Death or Go The Distance? Pt 2.

POST 3 – “#GTD… Go Til Death or Go The Distance? Pt 2.”

In the previous post we discussed Going The Distance… now we’ll briefly talk about Going Til Death…

Our bodies are quite remarkable when it comes to maintaining and adapting. It knows the essentials it needs, and also can make changes where necessary to stay alive. This makes it tough for people looking to lose weight, change body composition, get stronger. It’s even harder if you’ve been sedentary for years and have poor eating habits.

When it comes to health & fitness, variation and intensity are the keys to sparking change and adaptation. Want to lose weight? Cut out junk and add in nutrient dense foods and force your metabolism to speed up by working out. Want to get stronger? Pick up heavy ass shit often. Want to get faster? Lower the weight and move fast.

When we lift weights we tax our muscles so much that they actually do tear (on a micro level). Your body’s response is, “hey we need a bunch of nutrients here ASAP to fix this.” When you do it over & over it begins saying, “You know what, this is the 3rd time this week we’ve had to do this… Lets try to make these fibers stronger so it doesn’t happen again. If you keep doing the same things (exercises, reps, weights) then it won’t tear anymore, and won’t need to grow stronger. Hense the dreaded plateau.

This is why it’s necessary for us to vary our training. Like I said before, our bodies are smart and don’t want to work any harder then they have to. By adding weight, reps, speed, and/or by varying exercises we force it to keep adapting.


“Going Til Death” on some WODs is a must, in the general and mild sense of the saying. Of course none of us want to die, but some workouts should feel like “death”. Our bodies are resilient and for most people can out last their mental capacity. This isn’t to say we should load up a bar with a maximal weight, throw form out the window, and keep going until something breaks. The order is MECHANICS > CONSISTENCY > INTENSITY.


Moving consistently well supersedes the intensity we need, and this is why coaches might lower the weight or substitute a movement. We know the intensity we want and how to make sure you do it safely. So the next time we substitute a movement, take weight off your bar, or lower your reps, know that we’re doing it to help you!

For those looking to compete in CrossFit it becomes even more important to find comfort in the uncomfortable. Starting to go for PR lifts and times on workouts, big sets of reps… this all requires you’re brain to shut out or flat out accept the “this is really hard, just take a break” thoughts that pop into your head. This isn’t a green light to go for intensity with poor movement, that only gets you so far. Eventually you will hit a wall or get injured, a lesson learned only after its too late.

So to sum things up, work your ass off and make things uncomfortable often and you will succeed. Proper form alway

s comes first, but once we’re moving well it’s GO TIME.

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