Our Foundations program is HIGHLY recommended for new members, but is not mandatory. It will consist of 5, or 10, 60 minute one-on-one sessions with one of our coaches to teach new members proper technique, as well as to help their bodies adapt and prepare for this style of training.

The sessions will focus heavily on form and technique. Each session will begin with a brief warm up, then transition into teaching form and technique for all the basic movements (later sessions focus on the advanced movements), after which there will be a short workout, and finish off the hour with some cool down/stretching.

Even if you feel you have the appropriate background and competency in movement to jump right in to classes, the Foundations Program is recommended before beginning regular classes. The program is  designed to help you feel more comfortable and confident before joining, to allow us to see how you move, and also to ensure everyone in the regular classes gets the attention they need.

For our going rates please check out our Rates & Payment Methods page.

Send us an email at to schedule your foundations sessions today!

*Foundations Classes are meant to be completed within 1 month. If this is an issue let us know!*


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