CrossFit is a fitness program designed to help blast through those fitness & weight loss plateaus we’ve all come to know and hate. Depending upon your current physical abilities and body composition, the results you can expect from this program are gains in strength, and improved body composition, flexibility, and health & wellness. Your mobility, kinesthetic awareness, and general physical preparedness (GPP) will increase regardless of your current athletic abilities.

Classes will incorporate a wide range of functional movements appropriate for people of all fitness backgrounds and abilities. They will test all aspects of fitness, including but not limited to coordination, agility, strength, speed, balance, etc…This makes them a necessary part of any fitness program. Don’t forget these classes are for EVERYONE.

CrossFit classes will run anywhere between 45-60 minutes. They will begin on time with a group warm-up, strength and/or skill work, a workout, and end with a cool-down/rehab/mobility work.

YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE! So please do not hesitate to sign up. If you are even the least bit interested then give these classes a try.
More questions?? Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page or Contact us at (845) 225-2500 (leave a message if we don’t pick up) or email us at

I can promise that any individual who gives CrossFit a shot, 100% each day, and listening to the guidance of the coach(s), will achieve their desired results.

CrossFit OSA
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