Friday 9/19

Ok guys here’s some updates on the week and Barbells For Boobs

1) Schedule
Saturday – our workout will be dedicated to Sir Brian Weeks! His big day is coming soon so the least we can do is break a sweat for him… which we’re sure he’s doing! (JK JK!!)…

Sunday – the gym will be closed (no Open gym)

– We will have tee shirts and wristbands on sale. ANY ONE AND EVERY ONE CAN COME HANG OUT AND/OR WORKOUT. We will have a beginner workout for new people so they can get an idea of how CrossFit works and how awesome our community is! There will also be a kids workout if we get enough little ones!

– The workout for CFers is a team workout so you’ll need a partner! Or we can give you one the day of.

– We are NOT holding a competition. We are getting a large group of people together for a great cause, who also happen to love working out. So there won’t be any judges or no reps, no prizes or medals. We’re all here to cheer each other on and have fun. There will be people here taking pictures so if you come don’t just stand around! If things end early maybe we’ll throw around some heavy weights!

– No one has to donate, but it is highly encouraged, especially those who want to workout. You can donate below or do it the day of.

CONDITIONING: Running or Rowing
2 mile run or 4k Row

GYMNASTICS: Handstands
Practice them for the rest of class


Optional METCON:
Wall balls
Ring Rows
x2 Plank

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