Friday 6/6

Quck Updates:
– Don’t forget to chgeck out our deals of the month. A favorite is our $100 off any group PT package!
– Girl tank tops are in! And more guys shirts and tanks have been ordered.. Ask if you want one!
– We have samples of a size 4 and 6 of the girls shorts if anyone wants to see what type of short they are and to get an idea of sizing
– MAKE SURE if you see something on the board (part of the warm up, a word or abbreviation, etc…) that you don’t understand, or if you’re confused about a WOD ask/tell a coach! That’s what we’re here for.

METCON: “Ante up”
Deck Of Cards style. Time Cap = 40 minutes
Diamonds – Deadlifts
Hearts – AbMat Sit ups
Clubs – Rope climbs (legless or normal. Card # doesn’t matter these will always be 1. If you do legless don’t fall)
Spades – Calorie Row
Jokers – 400m Run
Aces – :]
*Face cards will have value of 12 today*
**People can ask for help with reps for any of the movements. They can ask partners or COACHES**


a) “Chief Cindy”
3×3 min AMRAPs
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats
*Rest 2 mins between*

b) Row Sprints
30s On/Off x 7

c) L-sits

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