Thursday 5/28

“I just would like to thank you and your staff for an awesome work out yesterday and all the great food!
It was really nice to be part of something special and honor a great person who served our country on Memorial day.

As a member of the armed services, I am grateful.

You and your staff do an incredible job of making everyone feel welcomed and are always positive and motivating.

I feel very fortunate to be part of the work out “team” at OSA and it really has to do with your leadership and your great staff.

I don’t usually send e-mails but I thought you and your staff should be recognized  and thanked for all you do because it really does make a difference.

Thank you,” – Happy member



Alright guys couple announcements if you didn’t hear in class…
1. We will be starting a CrossFit Kids program by the end of June/beginning of July! Most likely it will take place 2 days during the week (5:30pm or 6:30pm) and one weekend day (TBD). During those classes, normal classes will be canceled. We are thinking of ways to make both work at the same time, but as of now we are planning on removing the normal class. If you have any questions ask a coach!

2. Personal training is also offered by OSA for those who did not know. A specific goal, improving on a lift or movement, or simply getting some personal attention are all beneficial! Don’t hesitate to talk to a coach if you are interested!

3. We are beginning a new format to how we program for the classes. We usually program for mon-sat but decided we wanted to give something else a shot. So…

Starting next week there will be no classes on Thursdays. Instead the gym will be open (open gym style) from 6am-11am and 3pm-8:30pm. Here’s why..
– This day will now be used as a rest/active recovery day, make up day, or goat day.
– We will have something on the board that can be done as active recovery, otherwise you can do a workout you missed or work on lifts/movements or just stretch!
– The coaches will still be here still coaching. We won’t have a workout to take you through, but will help you with what ever it is you decide to do. If Tom is doing snatches and Sam is doing muscle ups, the coaches will be walking around helping out and making sure techniques are on point.

Please take advantage of these Thursdays! It’s YOUR DAY. We will give this a go for June and probably July and see what you all think of it. If the majority doesn’t like it then we’ll do away with it and go back to how it is now, but we think you’ll love it!

4. Also, next week we will be bringing back extra credit for those who want it!

5. We have pictures up on the site and Facebook from Memorial Day! Go check them out and get us some likes on FB we’re almost at 500!!


Todays workout is a Re-Retest. We did this on 9/16/13 and 9/3/14… Let’s see how much we’ve all improved!!

METCON: “CFNE’s East Coast Challenge WOD#1: Task Priority FGB

LEVEL 2 – 3 rounds
20 Wallballs (10′ target)@20/14
20 Kettlebell Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls@70/53
20 Box Jumps@24/20
20 Barbell Shoulder-to-Overhead@95/65
10 Calories on the Rower@D5
Rest :30 seconds on top of plate
*13 Minute Time Cap*

LEVEL 1 – 2 rounds
15 Wallballs
15 Kettlebell Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls
15 Box Jumps
15 Barbell Shoulder-to-Overhead
10 Calories on the Rower
Rest :30 seconds on top of plate
*13 Minute Time Cap*



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