Friday 1/8/16

Het guys few things…

1. Coaches Anthony and Garys amateur league Grid team the Danbury Madhatters are competing in their first match of the season this Sunday up in Boston! Wish them luck! They will be streaming the match live, which is at 4pm, online somewhere. Once we know where it will be posted

2. We will have some updates regarding next week’s schedule. Michelle is competing alongside some badass CrossFitters in Miami at Wodapalooza. Her, as well as coaches Neil, Courtney and Anthony will be heading down Thursday morning. If you see her wish her luck, this is a really competitive competition!


– 5 min Foam Roll
5 Windmill@15/10 (per side)
10 Wall ½ circles (per side)
5 Wallball@30/20
– Stretch wrists


b) STRENGTH: Bear Complex
10 mins to find a 1RM
*If you can’t bring it to your back safely then do 2 Front Squat to Press*


c) CONDITIONING: “Boomtown”
8 Rounds for Times
1 Bear Complex@60% 1RM
8/6 Strict Pull Ups
10 Box Jumps (must step down)
*Rest 30s between rounds*



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