Friday 1/19

So CF OSA is having a refer-a-friend contest! Whoever can get the most people to sign up for a monthly membership by the first week in February will get a their next month free! (** you must get at least 2 newbies to join**). Anyone who gets 5+ people to join by then will receive a free month AND 5 free PT sessions (for themselves or a friend). Flyers will be in by Monday (or so they say) then we will all need to get busy flyering everywhere within a 30 minute radius! Lets get more people in and get them fit!

Today is an Oly day and I know you’re all psyched. Oly is short-hand for Olympic as in Olympic lifting. Us CrossFitters love acronyms. Anyway today we will focus solely on understanding both the snatch and clean & jerk. There won’t be a wod today, but anyone who wants to stay after and do a quick burner is more then welcome.

Clean & Jerk

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