Below are some frequently asked questions. Any questions not answered here can be forwarded via one of the contact options located by clicking on “Contact Us”.

Questions about Personal Sessions:

“Can I benefit from personal training?”

– This is a good question many people will ask themselves, and if you are asking yourself this question then the answer is more then likely YES. At some point or another we all will hit a weight loss or fitness plateau. Some of us will have the knowledge, resources, or insight to work through this plateau and begin seeing results again. Some of us, whether it be through lack of knowledge and resources, or a busy lifestyle, will not be so lucky. This is where a personal trainer steps in. A good personal trainer is one who has experienced the many facets in which a client could potentially bring him or her.

Whether he or she has undergone weight loss, muscle gain, athletic accomplishment and/or any other goal, having achieved it himself or herself will more then likely mean they know what it takes. This along with the credentials to support their claims will mean they can help provide you with the necessary tools to help you reach your goals.

“How do I know CrossFit OSA’s staff can meet my needs?”

– Our staff has much experience with many modalities of fitness. These include, but are not limited to, power lifting, body building, weight loss, muscle mass gain, increased aerobic/anaerobic endurance, as well as rehabbing old/stubborn injuries. They have worked with many different types of people, from teenage girls, to high school athletes, to college athletes, and even with moms, dads, and grandparents. They have/are currently working with both healthy, as well as injured/recovering clientele. Basically, we can meet your needs as long as you are willing to take our advice seriously and give your best effort each and everyday you come in.

“I have previous injuries, will these be accommodated for?”

– Yes. Although no one on our staff is a licensed doctor, chiropractor, or other specialist, we have worked with clients of many health levels. Diabetes, spinal injuries, ACL/MCL/other knee issues, broken hands, dislocated elbows, as well as the regular aches and pains we may experience have all been dealt with and worked around by our staff.


“What should I expect from personal sessions?”

– Each session will begin with a dynamic warm up & specialized mobility work as needed. From there we will work towards achieving you desired goals. Whether it be improved body composition, strength gain, etc… the program will be dependent upon your goals. Each session will end with a cool-down and rehab/mobility section to help your body recover from your hard work.

“I don’t really like to over-exert myself, does this mean training is not for me?”

– The answer to this question is a tough one. The bottom line is getting results is hard work. Of course the difficulty of any program will lie with your current experience and health/fitness level. Anyone can lose weight, get stronger, etc… they just need to find what works for them. Sometimes it is an easy fix and results will be seen within days. For others it may be a trial and error process which may take several months to find out what works. The promise we make to you is we will not give up, no matter how difficult the challenge we face.

This brings us to you. You will need to exert yourself, make changes, and maybe even give things up to get results, plain and simple. The thing people need to realize is that usually we are just afraid of the unknown and/or the unknowable. What that means is that we may really enjoy working out and improving our eating habits, we have just struggled to find what works for us or have been bombarded by so much junk in TV & internet ads that we shut down and avoid it all together. The truth is its hard to enjoy something we see no results from. We will help you find what works, and hopefully change your outlook on healthy living.


Questions about CrossFit:

“CrossFit… I saw that on TV, it looks intense. Should I be worried?”

– NO! Although it may sound a little crazy it is actually a ton of fun. Classes will have up to 6 people, which adds a slight competitiveness to it and will help you push harder. The community-like support that strings from these sessions is great. Everyone will be there cheering you on whether you are the most-fit in the class or a beginner. Going through the same workouts creates a sense of camaraderie among every, the coach included.

“You say it is fun… does that mean a serious athlete won’t benefit from it?”

– No, a serious athlete will see tremendous benefits from this program. The basis behind the program is overall Strength & Conditioning. Give every class your all and see if you don’t become better at your sport or activity.

“Strength & Conditioning?? I’m a mom I do not need a Strength & Conditioning program. Do I?”

– The principles found in any good strength and conditioning program carry over to any non-sport specific goal. This means yes it can help you just shed those last few pounds, but yes it may not be appropriate if you are a power lifter looking for only a 600lb deadlift (not saying it won’t help you get there).

Yes to lose weight you have to LIFT WEIGHTS… some heavy ones too. If you can get a little stronger and gain a little muscle we can assume you most likely lost some body fat. Does that mean you cannot lose body fat without lifting weights? No. With that being said look at many of the programs which eliminate weight lifting and claim to assist weight loss… what do you see? Probably a calorie restricted diet and boring exercises you will struggle to continue doing.

And yes to get stronger you need to do some “cardio” and mobility work. These things all go hand-in-hand.We can assume if you get a little more flexible your squat will go up.

“OK you convinced me to try it. Wait… are those really your prices? I can go to ______ for $10/ month! And I get free pizza some days!!”

– The thing about seeing pricing online is that it cannot help you visualize what you are paying for. And if you envision the services we offer to be at the same level as any gym charging that little (let alone giving you free pizza), then we need to re-conceptualize your vision. Imagine parking your car and stepping in to a gym and see lots of shiny machines…. this is what the $10 gym offers you, merely admission.

Now imagine this…

You park you car, you begin walking up the stairs and hear the faint sound of music, banging and maybe some yelling. You open the door and see people doing squats and push ups and jump roping. And man does it look hard. Once they finish something weird happens… They’re all smiling! What how could that be? You continue to look around and see some colored plates, some bars, kettle-balls whatever they call those things. You see chalk on the floor and realize there are no machines. How can a gym have no machines? So you say hi to the coach and think “Why is he so sweaty?”. He says hi with a smile on his face and asks you how your day has been.

Once the small talk is over he tells you to look on the board and see what we have in store for the day. AMRAP? WOD? OTM? SDHP? CLEAN? You wonder what it all means. Once class starts your coach tells you to warm up and goes over the warm up that day, he even goes through it with you. Then he reviews the movements of the day with a PVC pipe or some other contraption. He even answers everyone’s questions about why we would want to put that much weight over head and try to squat with it. He even helps me figure out why it hurts so much to get up and down off the couch.

We go through the workout and man was it hard. Coach kept pushing me, telling me how good I was doing. I was thinking “Yea right I just started. I know I’m doing everything wrong. I’m not even doing the weight he’s doing. And I finished last.” After the workout when I’m feeling down Coach tells us what stretches to do and asks each of us if we have any problems areas. As we’re all stretching he asks how the workout was, “Great!” I say when really I’m thinking “Are you trying to kill us?!?!?”. After we stretch Coach comes up to me and asks how I was feeling, he asks why I seem kind of down.

I tell him I’m just tired, having a tough time at work, or some other excuse besides the real reason. That reason being how bad I did and the doubts I’m having now. “Everyone saw how bad I did, its embarrassing.” I think to myself. Somehow Coach seemed to hear what I thought and asked me to stay after. He tells me no one is good when they start. The definition of good being knowledgeable and able to perform movements correctly. I say “Yea but Greg beat me by 5 minutes! and he’s much older then me!”

Then he says… “Greg has been here for 6 months. Do you know what his squat looked like when he started? How much harder he breathed during warm ups? Worse then where you’re starting and look where he is now. It takes time, and not to be cliche but Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you stick with this I promise you you will be doing that weight, maybe even more! I’m offering my knowledge and time to helping you get better. Just promise me you won’t let today deter you from coming back?” I say “Ok I will see you tomorrow”.

Tomorrow comes and things starts off the same. We get to the workout and its pull ups. “I’m good at those!” I think to myself. Coach goes through pull ups and asks us to each try one. After I went he asked me to do one for the whole class to see. He explains how I am doing it right, and even offers ways I can increase my number of pull ups. I go in to the workout feeling good and finished 3rd! With my confidence blaring I begin talking to everyone, even Greg. He’s a nice guy and tells me all about the gains he has made.

Day in and day out I come in, workout, talk, and even meet up with some of my buddies from the gym. Two months later I go to put on my jeans and wait… they’re a couple sizes to big. That’s weird the scale says I’m only down 2 pounds. That can’t mean a couple sizes. So I look in the mirror and see the one this I haven’t seen in years… ABS! I have a 4 pack!

This is the image we want to paint in your heads for your experiences here. Change may come quick, it may come slow. you may start out on top, or maybe nearer the bottom. Things may ache at first, maybe they take a few weeks to ache. Whichever the case may be you can expect a couple of things here that a “Globo Gym” cannot offer you:

– A fun, constantly changing, constantly challenging workout program

– A community of people who may be currently be battling the same things you are and who want to see you succeed as much as they themselves want to succeed

– A professional environment filled with all the knowledge and insight you could need to help achieve your goals

– A dedicated staff which will TRAIN you in the group setting. Our fees are no more, if anything less, then what a normal gym would charge for a barely-comparable workout program which will not take into account your individual needs.

Simple put: Good training isn’t cheap & cheap training isn’t good.

“Ok you sold me on it… where do I sign up?”

– Click on the New Members tab