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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness program designed to help blast through those fitness & weight loss plateaus we’ve all come to know and hate. Depending upon your current physical abilities and body composition, the results you can expect from this program are gains in strength, and improved body composition, flexibility, and health & wellness. Your mobility, […]

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B.ring a F.riend F.riday Challenge!

Ok guys here’s our B.F.F. Challenge! We will have a sheet of paper at the gym to keep track of everyone who brings someone. Make sure you check in with a coach! Also, I set the workouts to post 5pm the night before. Even though it doesn’t matter much to me, I don’t want people […]

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#GTD… Go Til Death or Go The Distance? Pt 2.

POST 3 – “#GTD… Go Til Death or Go The Distance? Pt 2.” In the previous post we discussed Going The Distance… now we’ll briefly talk about Going Til Death… Our bodies are quite remarkable when it comes to maintaining and adapting. It knows the essentials it needs, and also can make changes where necessary […]

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Wednesday 5.17.17 – UPDATES FOR THE WEEK

Regionals stuff is in! If you ordered something bring in CASH today please and come grab your stuff. We have some extras of things so if you’re looking for a hat, shirt or tank, ask a Coach. Here’s the schedule for this weekend: THURSDAY 5/18 Morning – Normal classes. – There will be our New You class […]

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Good Luck Jeffrey!

One of our youngest members of OSA, Jeffrey Sichler, is part of the Junior National Luge Team and will be competing in the U.S. Junior National Championships March 3rd and March 4th! We hope to provide some motivation for Jeffrey and in honor of the National Championships we made a WOD for him! We would […]

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