Awesome Job Everyone

I’m so proud of everyone who’s done 17.1 so far! Especially to those who are doing their first Open!

It’s so awesome seeing you guys push to your limits and overcome that “I just want to stop” feeling.

Keep working hard!

Also thanks to those who were there Friday night to cheer for me (everyone). The bigger the crowd the more fun it will be.

We may do some on Saturdays too so keep your eyes peeled.

WE WANT TO SHOOT A PROMO VIDEO FOR THE GYM which some of you had heard. My friend will be there Monday night and Tuesday morning shooting. We will ask some people for quick interviews for the video. We also want to include everyone in it in some form. Most people will get shot during class working out as that will be the majority of the video.

If you do/don’t want to in it let us know!

Anddddddd lastly… anyone who tries to predict the open wod and gets part of it right will get their open shirt for FREE. Anyone who gets the entire workout right gets 50% off their next month!

Rest up this weekend… ill see some of you at Yoga tomorrow.

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