Thursday 6.9.16



“Strov” Steph T @steph_strov

– Favorite Exercise: Deadlift
– Least Favorite Exercise: Snatches
– Favorite CrossFit WOD: “Cindy”
– Biggest Accomplishment: Getting Pull Ups!
– Next Goal: 1 Full Rope climb
– Favorite Pandora Station: DMX

“CrossFit OSA has literally changed my life. In a year and a half I have lost 35 pounds, countless inches, and lots of fat clothes. But what I have lost does not compare to what I have gained. The feeling of being able to kick your own ass everyday and know that it’s making you a stronger, better person, is indescribable. There is no competition between others, but instead a judgement free family who understands just how important every rep, every PR, and every fail is. The sense of encouragement and family is like no other experience in life. Although everyone in the box that day may be there for different reasons, we all come there to do the same thing, we show up and do work. I can’t imagine coming home from work and sitting on the couch watching tv all night. I look forward to knowing my day will end with a feeling of accomplishment after my CrossFit class, knowing my coaches pushed me to do my best. Coaches Gary, Neil, Courtney and Anthony understand your worries, fears, complaints and pains, and help you through and push you pass the struggles with endless support. The picture on the left is right before my first day of CrossFit. The picture on the right is a stronger, happier, healthier woman because of CrossFit OSA.”

We’re so proud that shes been with us for so long and has continued to push herself and reach her goals. Even though shes busy with her new job in the city and can’t make many classes she’s still getting it done! Which by the way is either at home before work, or at OSA at 5am if coaches are in that early… total badass!


It’s Coach G’s birthday today so make sure he’s stress free during class!!!


Bay Door to Flag – Jog Back
High Knees
Bear Crawl (1/2 Way)
Butt Kicks
Spider Crawl (1/2 Way)
Broad Jump
Duck Walk (1/2 Way)



ENDURANCE: “50 Shades of Gary”
Deck Of Cards
Hearts – Double Unders x 3
Diamonds – Wallballs
Spades – Pushups
Clubs – V-Ups
Ace – 20 Reps
Face Cards – 15 Reps
Jokers – 2 Rope Climbs

CASH OUT: Milk Jug Run

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