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Tuesday 11.1.16

REVIEW: Kipping Muscle Ups/Pull Ups   STRENGTH: Pulling Every 90s x 3 rounds 3-6 Muscle Ups (bar or ring) OR Every 90s x 3 rounds 12-15 Pull Ups (kipping or strict)   SPEED: Sprints Jog a lap or two to warm up, then… 6 x 50m sprint -rest is walking back-   TEST: 50/40 Push […]

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Monday 10.31.16

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!! IF YOU DRESS UP YOU’LL GET A HIGH FIVE STRENGTH: “Trick Or Treat” EMOM x 14 odd – 5 DB Power Jerks@challenging even – 1 five second pause back squat@increasing -start at 65% 1RM-   WOD: “Candy Corn” For Time 27-24-21 Russian KBS@70/53 12-15-18 Burpees

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Saturday 10.29.16

WOD: “Octobro” 3 Rounds For Time Milk Jug Run 30 Power Jerks 30 Deadlifts -P.Y.P., Teams of 2, both run, split reps-

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Friday 10.28.16

We have a few new items (long sleeve, sizes very limited) and restocked some sizes of the new stuff. We will be doing our sweatshirt/sweat pant order within the next 2 weeks. Its preorder only, we won’t have any extras! So if you miss a week or are going on vacation its on you! November […]

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Thursday 10.27.16

REVIEW: Thrusters WOD: “California Geezy” EMOM x Failure 5 Thrusters -Every 5 minutes increase weight- LEVEL 3 – 75/35, increase by 20 lbs LEVEL 2 – 85/55, increase by 10lbs LEVEL 1 – 55/35, increase by 10lbs

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