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Monday 2/1

A new month, new goals, and a new drive to better yourselves. This week is ENDURANCE WEEK. We will have very little lifting, none of which will be heavy. Time to increase that aerobic capacity.   a) WARM UP: – 10 min Lax ball pec/shoulder/trap –AMRAP 7 10 Reverse dislocates 10 T-Spine rotation (per) Bear […]

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Saturday 1/30/16

a) METCON: “Baby Apple” 50 Air Squats 50 Burpees 40 Toes to Bar 4 laps plate push 30 KB Walking Lunges 30 GHDSU 2 Rope Climbs 20 Wallball@30/20 10 HSPU 10 Broad Jump@6’/4′

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Friday 1/29/16

Who’s ready for some squatssss???   a) WARM UP: – 5 min Foam Roll – 3 Rounds 3 Squats w/ 20s hold 30 Calf Raise + Stretch – Tricep Smash & Wrist Stretch   b) STRENGTH: Tempo Front Squats w/s – 7×2@same 5s down, brief pause, then stand aggressively C) OPEN ATHLETES “Thank you Misfit, my […]

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Thursday 1/28/16

a) MOBILITY: 2x 2 mins each Standing forward fold Puppy Dog frog x2 Bound Angle b) ENDURANCE: 7 Rounds 20 Lateral Hops 10 KB Hang Snatch (left) 10 V-Ups 10 KB Hang Snatch (right) *partner 1 does 10 lateral hops, partner 2 does 10 lateral hops, partner 1 does 10 snatches, etc…*

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Wednesday 1/27/16

Decent good article arguing some good points. Finding a good CrossFit program is like finding any other service in that most will claim to be the best, but it’s up to you to shop/ask around to see if it’s the best fit for you or your kids! Not all are created equal! a) WARM […]

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