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Wednesday 9/30

a) OLY: Power Cleans Hit 20 reps @ 80% 1RM *not unbroken, or for time… goal is quality and no fails*   b) METCON: For Time 150 KB Swings 50 HSPU *partition reps anyway*

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Tuesday 9/29

We’re still working in planning an inhouse competition, and also want to finally get around to an OSA movie night! We’ve been saying it for months and need to figure it out. As the days progress keep reminding yourself why you come in and what you’re looking to achieve. It will give each workout a […]

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Monday 9/28

Hey all! We have a new schedule & pricing for the kids classes (it will be added to the website tonight)! We added 2 after school classes Tuesday and Thursday, and are looking to add more once we get more kids in here. Push these classes so we can build some animals! a) ACCESSORY: 3 RFQ 5 […]

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Saturday 9/26

CONDITIONING: 5 rounds for times 5 power cleans@70% 1RM 30′ broad jump Sand bag carry around gym 40 double unders *rest 120s between rounds*

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