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Tuesday 9/1

a) ACCESSORY: 3 RFQ 2-3 Skin the cat 20 Hollow Rocks 4 high box jumps b) METCON: Teams of 3. One partner must be resting 150 wallballs 150 KB swings 100 OHS@95/65 100 DB/KB STO *You can start anywhere and move between movements*

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Monday 8/31

We have a new deal posted in our deals section! One is for classes and one is for personal training… spread the word on these deals so we can grow our community! Today we hit some weights to burn through the weekend carbs… a) ACCESSORY: 2 Rounds For Quality 10 Rolling or banded pistol 10s perfect […]

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Sunday 8/30

Hey all! Open gym normal time today, but there’s no kids class since no one signed up. See you all today or Monday!

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Saturday 8/29

a) STRENGTH: Back Squats EMOM x 9 1-2 – 3 squats@75% 3-5 – 2 squats@85% 6-9 – 1 squat@increasing *after emom do 1 set of 10@65% last squat*   b) METCON: For Time 30 Front Rack Lunges@135/95 Milk jug run 20 Front Rack Lunges@135/95 400m run 10 Front Rack Lunges@135/95 Lap around gym

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Friday 8/28

a) SKILL: Handstand Hold 2 min (TOTAL)   b) CORE: h-sit/V-hold 3 mins (TOTAL)   d) METCON: RETEST 4/16/14 “Captain Hook Grip” AFAP 4 Rounds 16 Hang Cleans@115/75 8 Shoulder To Overhead@115/75 CASH OUT: 100 AbMat situps

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