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Monday 6/1

Today marks a new month of PRs! Don’t forget to bring in your membership dues, and keep spreading word on our student deals! Try to bring a friend in some time this week. We’ll give any referred friends their first 2 weeks free! MAKE SURE YOU WRITE DOWN ALL YOUR PRs EACH MONTH THE BOARD […]

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Saturday 5/30

FUN: EMOM X 15 Mins 1-6 – 2 Pause backsquats@increase until the 3rd set then stay there. Mins 7-11 – 6 KB C&J@HP Mins 12-15 – 20/16 Cals on rower

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Friday 5/29

STRENGTH: Pull Ups (if you struggle with rope climbs do them first) w/s – 4×6@weighted if possible   TEST: For Time LEVEL 2 10 rope climbs LEVEL 1 5 rope climbs/12 rope ups   METCON: Teams of 3 for each, running clock, one at a time 0:00-7:00 AMRAP Sled drag one way (backwards)@heavyyy 7:00-10:00 AMRAP […]

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Thursday 5/28

“I just would like to thank you and your staff for an awesome work out yesterday and all the great food! It was really nice to be part of something special and honor a great person who served our country on Memorial day. As a member of the armed services, I am grateful. You and […]

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Wednesday 5/27

Great job today everyone! We had a busy class after a tough one Monday. We’re going to make a longer post later today with updates and pictures from memorial day but for now we just want to thank everyone once again for coming out on memorial day. And thanks to those who brought in food […]

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