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Friday 5/1

Friday 5/1: GS – WC = Gymnastics Strength, Weighted Conditioning   a) GYMNASTIC STRENGTH: HSPU w/s – 4×3 Strict HSPU, no overextension, tempo, deficit if possible (sub either jackknife push ups or barbell Strick Press) *60s rest between*   b) GYMNASTIC STRENGTH: HSPU w/s – 3×4 banded strict ½ way down if all the way down is […]

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Thursday 4/30

The gym was dead today guys… let’s get some bodies in here today and hit some rowing and core! 6 pack season is right around the corner and as we always say, “OSA best abs on the beach!!” We expect to see every member today 🙂  

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Wednesday 4/29

METCON: AMRAP 18 Lap around the gym  (optional sandbag) 7 Chest to bar Pull ups/9 Pull ups/10 Ring Row 30 Double Unders/60 Single Unders *Teams of 2, tag partner after you complete a round*

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Tuesday 4/28

CONDITIONING: EMOM x 4 10 Front Rack Lunges (5 per leg, not alternating)@heavy with deficit around 5″   METCON: 8 RFT 4 Deadlifts@185/135 6 Burpee 8 AbMat Sit ups

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Monday 4/27

Hey guys! Great set of workouts planned for this week so make sure you come! Remember that if you’re having some aches/pains speak up! We can’t help you if we don’t know something is up… and don’t let an ache/pain or soreness deter you from coming in on a day you want to come. All […]

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