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Wednesday 12/31

Hey guys… today we have a full schedule. Tomorrow (New Years Day) all classes are canceled. The gym will be open 3-8pm open gym style. If we get a bunch of people together well hit a big wod!   Today is a PR Day! Pick any lift(s)/movement(s) and set a new record before 2015 is […]

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Tuesday 12/30

STRENGTH; Bench Press w/s – build to a 5 rep max, then hit 4×1@90%   CONDITIONING: E2MO2M x 5 LEVEL 2 3 Front Squats@75-85% 1RM Clean (no rack if possible) 6 Burpee BJ@24/20 12 Pull Ups *scale wherever necessary*   LEVEL 1 3 Front Squats  (no rack) 6 Box Jumps 6 Burpees *hit this then […]

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Monday 12/29

Alrighty Ladies and Gents listen up! 1) This is the last few days for our crazy deals (ends this month), and when our apparel will be on sale (we still have a couple zip ups & all tee shirts left in all sizes, and sweat pants in L, XL and XXL. Cash only!) 2) We will […]

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Saturday 12/27

METCON: 3 Rounds 20 KB Swings 20 Box Jumps 40 Double Unders 40/32 Calorie Row *Rest 6os between rounds*

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Friday 12/26

We hope everyone enjoyed Christmas and got tons of gifts! Well keep today slow to avoid churning up all those Xmas cookies and wine   TECHNIQUE: Snatches A) Complex x 4 rounds@increasing but don’t go above 60% (medium) 2 Tempo Snatch High Pulls + 1 Tempo Below the Knee Hang Snatch w/ Pause in the […]

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